Caring Children’s Dentist in Florence, South Carolina

Dentistry in Florence, SC should be easy, comfortable, educational—and fun. That’s where Bright Start Dental really shines. Our high quality and passionate dental care is provided by South Carolina licensed General Dentists. We focus on dentistry for children, and this friendly and highly skilled team of professionals provides only the latest state of the art equipment. From digital X-rays that reduce radiation exposure to thorough (and tasty) fluoride treatments, Bright Start Dental is your ultimate dental partner. Bright Start Dental provides dental restorations, exams, dental cleanings and even treats emergencies and trauma. Your child’s dental health and comfort always come first.

Proper oral hygiene from an early age is crucial to preventing disease. Helpful hygienists and dentists teach children and parents alike the right way to brush, floss and watch for signs of dental trouble in between visits. From your child’s very first tooth until their wisdom teeth break through as teens, Bright Start Dental’s crew of experts is with you every step of the way. Who says a trip to the children’s dentist isn’t something you look forward to?

Giving Them Something to Smile About

 Even as adults, a little “brushing up” on oral hygiene basics every year is a good idea. Teeth shift, they suffer trauma (like getting a little too aggressive with the toffee), crowding can occur and bites are rarely perfect. Sometimes even flawless at-home dental care isn’t enough to prevent a cavity. For all your child’s dental needs, trust Bright Start Dental to make procedures and checkups fast, thorough and enjoyable.

It takes a special kind of person to pursue dentistry. Having that sparkling chairside manner is something our hygienists and dentists are born with—and it’s perfected with extra years of training, and practice. There are no boring waiting rooms, bland ceilings to stare at above those dental chairs or lack of stickers here.

Bright Start, Bright Smile

 Sometimes coming to the dentist as a kid can be scary. It can even be scary as an adult! Every single member of the Bright Start Dental team is committed to making your visit as stress-free as possible. That’s why every procedure is explained, (almost) every tool becomes a show and tell device, and it’s exactly why everyone in the office has a soft spot for children.

Let Bright Start Dental give your little one—or teen—the soft touch and attention they deserve. Oral hygiene is serious business regardless of age, but that doesn’t mean those checkups can’t be rich with laughter, too.

  • TVs in our operatory rooms and Hygiene bay
  • Private rooms are available upon request
  • Parents are allowed to stay with their child
  • Flexible schedules
  • No cancellation fee or penalties  for missed appointments
  • Same day care usually available
  • Parent/dentist interaction
  • After hours emergency consultations available for patient of records
  • Every hygiene patients leaves with a oral hygiene kit
  • Friendly Multicultural diverse staff
  • Partnership/hygiene screening available for local business, schools, and children organizations