About Us

Focusing on dentistry for children and teens in Florence, SC, the team at Bright Start Dental is proud to keep kids smiling. Every single member of our team has a soft spot for children. It’s why our administrative staff sought out an environment that was less “medical” and a lot more fun. It’s why you’ll find an endless supply of books, games and entertainment options in our waiting room (but very little waiting). We’re proud to be your child’s “bright star” during appointments that can sometimes seem a little scary.

Few people would say going to the dentist is their idea of a good time. We’ll tell you that you haven’t had a Bright Start Dental appointment yet! There’s no reason oral healthcare can’t be fun and educational at the same time. From delicious fluoride treatments to hand-picking the color of their free toothbrush, it’s like being a kid in a candy store at our office—except without the risk of those pesky cavities, of course.

A Tough Job

Creating 32 brand new, adult teeth from scratch is a tough job for a kid. It can be painful, teeth don’t always come in correctly and there are sometimes space issues. And trauma? You better watch out for that on the playground. That’s why Bright Start Dental offers so much more than quick, pain-free exams and dental cleanings. From dental restorations to treating emergencies and trauma situations, we’re by your chairside for all the big and little things. Whether it’s walking parents through dental options or showing patients our own brand of X-ray vision after a digital X-ray has been taken, this is a team effort.

Building a relationship with a kid’s dentist from the moment the first tooth arrives until your child jets off to college is a big deal. This is one of the longest relationships of your life, so you want to make sure you pick the right partner. You and your child deserve a dental team that loves kids, has a spotless reputation and of course the latest technology

All Aboard!

Just like any other relationship, there will be ups and downs. Sometimes your child might have a perfect appointment with nary a cavity or excess plaque buildup in sight. Other times you may find that adding flossing to your home regimen should start earlier than expected. That’s okay—Bright Start Dental will be by your side through the terrible twos, the first year of school and all the way through those pesky SATs.