Dental Emergencies and Trauma

Unfortunately, dental emergencies and trauma in Florence, SC are pretty common for kids. All that rough housing, recess play, sports and general clumsiness can result in an array of accidents. The good news? A lot of the time it’s baby teeth that take the brunt of the punishment—and the underlying adult teeth are perfectly fine.

However, there are different types of emergencies and traumas. Sometimes they require seeing a dentist immediately. Other times, your child may not need to see a professional right away.

The Hazards of Being a Kid Can Result In Dental Trauma

Chipped and fractured teeth are really common. There’s usually minimal pain—but it can also look pretty frightening. Usually, they can be fixed with a filling, crown or porcelain veneer. However, if there’s any pulp exposed, a root canal might also be in order. If there’s no pulp exposure, you can wait until business hours to see a dentist, but if there’s any pain (like with a split tooth that needs extraction), call for an urgent appointment.

Luxated teeth are dislodged and sometimes pushed sideways or moved out of alignment. In the best case scenario, your dentist can stabilize and reposition these teeth. A root canal might be necessary if there’s any interior damage. However, younger children (under 12 years old) might not need a root canal because their teeth are still in the developmental stage—but monitoring is necessary to make sure it heals correctly.

Experiencing Dental Emergencies in Florence, South Carolina

Avulsed teeth are those that are knocked out entirely. If this is the case, you need to act immediately. Find the tooth if possible, dip it in milk and place it gently in the socket (if you can), or otherwise “store it” in milk or your child’s saliva and head directly to urgent care. The sooner your dentist sees your child, the likelier the tooth can be put back into place. Otherwise, you may need to consider tooth replacement options.

There are also root fractures, which require treatment for long-term tooth health. The closer to the root tip, the better the odds for success. You might not be able to see a root fracture, but your child will likely complain of tooth pain. Anytime there’s pain, schedule a dentist appointment immediately.