Dental Restorations

If your child needs dental restorations in Florence, SC, don’t worry—this is a very common procedure. The goal is to “restore” the tooth so that it has full integrity and function once again. For kids, dental restorations are needed following tooth decay that requires removal of part of the tooth or from trauma (like a playground injury). While the primary goal of a restoration is to make sure the tooth is protected and “working” again, there’s also an aesthetic perspective. If it’s a permanent, adult tooth that needs to be restored, you’ll probably want a more natural look.

One of the most common types of restorations is a filling. After a cavity is removed or a root canal has been performed (which removes infected dental pulp), your child will probably need a filling and maybe a crown. There are a number of types of restorations, from metal (like those classic silver fillings) to porcelain or ceramic that looks just like their natural tooth. There are pros and cons to each type of restoration, and it also depends on where the restoration is. For example, a back molar probably doesn’t require a perfectly matched restoration—you won’t see it, and in this part of the mouth durability trumps aesthetics.

Lifetime of Florence, South Carolina Dental Restorations

Different types of restorations can last various amounts of time. It also depends on how “rough” your child is on their teeth. For example, an avid ice hockey player is going to face more wear and tear on their teeth than an avid chess player. Plus, your child’s at-home dental care and penchant for foods (ahem, toffee isn’t exactly tooth friendly) can also play a big role in how long restorations last. However, a great restoration with the right material (placed by a premier dentist) can make a restoration last a lifetime.

The most important task at hand is to match the restoration with your child’s needs. The good news? Many times, your insurance will pay a large percentage of a restoration. It’s usually considered a necessary procedure, and it’s very common. At Bright Start Dental, your admin team will advocate on your behalf and is well-versed in working with all types of insurance carriers.

Sometimes restorations are necessary on front teeth that are easily visible. When this is the case, your child might be self-conscious and that’s totally understandable. Rest easy knowing that restorations can look so much like the “real teeth,” even the tooth fairy would be fooled.