Dentistry For Children

If you’re looking for dentistry for children in Florence, SC, you’ve come to the right place. Just like superheroes, every staff member is equipped with a special power—and there are gadgets and gizmos galore to make your child’s visit as fast, efficient and fun as possible.

Bright Start Dental is worlds apart from adult dentistry—thank goodness! The fluoride treatments are much tastier at Bright Start Dental. The dental sedation options are kid-friendly with minimal drowsiness, side effects and risks. Plus, the dentists at Bright Start Dental are pros at handling jungle gym tooth chip accidents, teeth that get broken during dodgeball and they have a direct line straight to the tooth fairy when teeth get knocked out.

Your Child’s First Long-Term Relationship

At Bright Start Dental we’re proud to be your child’s first long-term relationship (and likely a pretty serious relationship for parents, too!). From the very first tooth your child welcomes until their high school graduation photos,  child dentistry can span well over 18 years. During that time, there are a lot of changes in your child’s life as well as with their oral health. There may be cavities to battle, plaque buildup to take down, and every now and then a refresher course on at-home care might be in order.

Bright Start Dental combines the absolute best in patient care with top of the line technology, skills and knowledge. Every member of the team is committed to helping your child achieve the best possible smile. However, beauty’s not just skin deep. While a great set of chompers looks fantastic, it’s what’s on the inside that counts (and when it’s infected pulp, bacteria or other issues, Bright Start Dental comes to the rescue).

A Hero’s Welcome

There’s no reason dentistry should be stressful. Come discover what the whole Bright Start Dental experience is about. Hundreds of smiling kids can’t be wrong.