Exam and Dental Cleaning

An exam and dental cleaning for kids in Florence, SC is very different than what parents might be used to. There won’t be any boring, long waits or frightening looking tools with nary an explanation. Remember what those exams and dental cleanings were like when you were a kid? Chances are, the drills were monstrously loud, you had to keep your mouth open for a painfully long time, and getting the X-rays just right took several re-dos. That’s not how dentistry is done these days—especially with Bright Start Dental at your service.

For younger patients, the goal should be a thorough exam and cleaning that’s comfortable, and informative. That’s why Bright Start Dental dentists take the time to explain what will happen and what the tools do in a way that’s easy for kids to understand. Touching during the prep time is encouraged (and it makes those tools a lot less alien-like). Even kids who suffer from a touch of dentophobia can relax a little more with caring experts on their side.

Everyone Will Pass Dental Exams

Don’t worry, we aren’t handing out any letter grades for this exam (and everyone gets a sticker at the end). In the routine dental exam, a visual inspection is made and there might be some light “poking around”. This is also when talks about at-home care and refresher courses on brushing and flossing are made. You can tell a lot by a visual exam, such as where plaque buildup is common, how teeth are shifting and the status of emerging permanent teeth.

Unlike adult exams where gum pocket measurements are made with picks (which can be a little painful), that’s not the case with the little one’s exam. It’s the goal of the Bright Start Dental team to encourage children to think of exams as quick, and easy. That sets them up for a future of great adult dental care.

A Clean Slate With Dental Cleanings in Florence, South Carolina

Dental cleanings for children often require a much lighter touch than adult cleanings. Root scaling and planning (or deep cleanings) are rare for children. Instead, a simple surface cleaning, gum check and polish is all that’s required.