Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments can help supplement Florence, SC’s naturally low levels of fluoride in the drinking water. Depending on the city and county, you may or may not be getting enough fluoride in your water alone—and it’s crucial for growing teeth. As a child, both the “milk teeth” and newly formed adult teeth have the ability of “soaking up” fluoride which leads to stronger, healthier teeth as an adult. However, it’s up to your city how much fluoride (if any) is added to tap water. In Florence, the fluoride levels are shockingly low compared to some other areas of South Carolina.

In-office fluoride treatments are an excellent addition to at-home fluoride rinses or toothpastes with fluoride. When it comes to fluoride everyone can benefit, but children really need it the most.

Why Fluoride Treatments?

It’s a natural mineral that can be found in a number of foods and of course water. Day after day, minerals get added and lost from teeth enamel. Acid (found in healthy foods like berries) and excess sugar creates bacteria plaque in the mouth, which attacks enamel. However, fluoride can re-deposit those layers. If there’s too much enamel lost, that can cause tooth decay and eventually the need for root canals and even tooth replacement.

Fluoride is the best way to stop tooth decay, help teeth fight back against acid attacks and can even reverse the early stages of decay. It’s especially critical for children younger than six, since fluoride can become a real part of those developing teeth. At Bright Start Dental, fluoride is applied as a varnish, gel or foam depending on the patient and their needs. Varnishes are painted on, gels are applied via painting or a mouth guard, and foams are applied with mouth guards.

Florence, South Carolina Fluoride Treatments in High Demand

Young patients who benefit the most from fluoride treatments are between six months old and 16 years old—that’s a big window to optimize those fluoride treatments. It’s when primary teeth move in, but don’t think that just because your teen is over 16 he or she won’t benefit. It’s always important to fight tooth decay and preserve enamel.

Adding a fluoride treatment to your annual dental checkup is a smart move. In Florence, you won’t get much fluoride from the water, but your dentist can help bridge that gap.